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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does GSI offer stocked material such as spools of wire or connectors for direct sale?
A: No, GSI builds to customer specifications per order. GSI does offer to keep raw materials on-hand for repeat orders.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount required.
A: Yes, there is a minimum order of $100.00 per purchase.

Q: How does GSI Corporation prefer to receive payments?
A: Normally, we set up terms such as Net 30. Other options are C.O.D. and third part billing using credit cards.

Q: Does GSI Corporation have any other locations?
A: No. GSI Corporation has one facility located in Timonium, Maryland since 1962.

Q: What is the customer base for GSI Corporation?
A: Any company in need of a top notch sub-contractor for electronic cable fabrication. Typically, our customer base consists of communications, aerospace, research, and defense contractors.

Q: Where can I send a new question?
A: Please send email to

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